The Rocky Flats Stewardship Council formed in February 2006 to provide ongoing local government and community oversight of the post-closure management of Rocky Flats, the former nuclear weapons plant northwest of Denver.

The nearly $7 billion cleanup project was completed in October 2005 and represents an important legacy for our communities. Cleanup significantly reduced the many risks posed by the former weapons site.  There are, however, ongoing management needs that remain vital to ensuring long-term protection of human health and the environment. Those responsibilities lie with the Department of Energy (DOE). In June 2007, DOE transferred 3953 acres of the former site buffer zone to the Department of the Interior to manage as the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. 

The Stewardship Council’s mandate is found in federal law. In late 2004, the United States Congress, working with the Department of Energy and our predecessor organization, the Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments, approved legislation creating a new organization to focus on the post-closure care and management of Rocky Flats. This organization, the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council, includes elected officials from ten municipal governments neighboring Rocky Flats, three community organizations and one individual.

In addition to working with DOE, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Stewardship Council also works with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service on issues related to the management of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

For more information about the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council, including Board membership information, the Intergovernmental Agreement, and the annual work plan, click here.