Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments

The Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments was established in February 1999 by an intergovernmental agreement among the seven local governments that border the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site or own open space adjacent to the site - Jefferson County, Boulder County, City and County of Broomfield, City of Arvada, City of Boulder, City of Westminster, and Town of Superior. It ceased operation in March 2006.

The Coalition was profoundly interested in the Rocky Flats cleanup and thus worked with citizens, elected officials, site workers, and regulators on the safe and timely cleanup and closure of Rocky Flats and future use of the Site. The cleanup, closure, long-term protection, and future use of Rocky Flats presented numerous technical and political challenges that necessitated significant local government involvement. The Coalition was imbued with the responsibility of working collaboratively and with the community to ensure the cleanup protected human health and the environment now and into the future. The management of Rocky Flats as a National Wildlife Refuge after closure and corresponding maintenance of long-term stewardship systems remain critical to the success of the cleanup and transition effort. The Coalition played a pivotal role in this important community effort.

Towards this end, the Coalition focused on the following areas:

  • Cleanup and closure;
  • Future use;
  • Long-term stewardship;
  • Workforce issues (including safety); and
  • Outreach and advocacy.